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Career Opportunities

Immediate openings for any licensed mental health professional.

Employment Opportunities with ABH

ABH extends affiliation opportunities to licensed mental health professionals.

Affiliation with ABH affords the benefits of independent practice (such as choice of patients and schedule) while eliminating the clerical and administrative demands of independent practice.

Affiliation with ABH provides

  • Office space (with the option of remote work)
  • Patient referrals, which you are at liberty to accept or decline
  • Clerical support in scheduling and managing appointments
  • Phone, fax, internet, and other office machine access
  • 24-hour answering service
  • Comprehensive billing and account management services

Comprehensive billing and account management services include

  • Determining insurance benefits, deductibles, co-payments, and authorization requirements
  • Confirming insurance eligibility on each date of service
  • Managing authorizations
  • Collecting co-payments at each date of service
  • Submitting insurance claims electronically (one or more times per week)
  • Pursuing claim denials with insurers
  • Billing for any services not covered by insurance
  • Posting charges and payments to patient accounts

ABH provides these services for a percentage of the fee collected.

If you are interested in affiliation, phone or email ABH to explore opportunities.